Alex Branden feat1

One of the little bits of wisdom I like to share with couples who are planning their wedding is that they recognize what’s important to them, then make decisions based…

September 02, 2015
spokane destination wedding photography germany castle

What can I say? Nicole & Karl brought me to the German countryside to photograph their wedding that happened to take place at the Burg Lichtenberg Castle. It was amazing….

November 05, 2014
amazing wedding photography featured night

Here’s another recent Seattle wedding that was all kinds of wonderful. The day started at Seattle’s Hotel Deca where the bride and groom both got ready and first saw each other. Then…

October 15, 2014

With this wedding post I come back to reality from an amazing trip to Europe where I photographed a wedding at a German castle (don’t worry, there will be a…

September 22, 2014
feat Carrie Derek web

Non-photo update: Just got power back this morning since the windstorm last week. Still no internet, unfortunately. So everything involving posting, emailing, etc. from Matt Shumate Photography is severely limited….

November 24, 2015
feat Asia Travis

Non-wedding update: With the crazy windstorms that hit Spokane this week, we’ve been without power so I’ve been trying to find power and internet wherever I can so I can…

November 21, 2015
Bri Taylor feat

In all the places I’ve photographed in Spokane, I’m not sure if there are any as cool (and exclusive) as the rooftop of the Davenport Hotel. 14 stories up is a…

November 11, 2015
feat Tina Derek

Weddings are all about people—and more specifically, family. Thankfully, that’s what I love to photograph. In weddings, relationships are distilled to the point that emotion and love are on the…

November 05, 2015
1feat Ayla Joe

One of the things I truly love about my job is being there for the unexpected things that happen on a wedding day. I always say it’s a live animal….

October 28, 2015
1feat Emily Sean

Here’s a fantastic wedding of two people that are really just plain great people. I’m so fortunate that I nearly always get to work with couples who are excited about…

October 21, 2015
feat Kara Eric

Here’s another post of photos from one fantastic wedding! Kara & Eric were married and had their reception at the one and only Beacon Hill in Spokane! Hopefully you smile as much…

October 14, 2015
feat Renee Seth web

I almost don’t want to write anything about this wedding because it could take away from the magic moments in the photos. All I can say is that it was…

October 08, 2015
feat Jena Cameron

Once again I get to start a blog post stating how lucky I am to get to work with couples who are pretty fantastic. Jena & Cameron are yet another…

September 28, 2015
Feat Mona Josh

I almost don’t even know what to say. This wedding had it all. It all starts with two outstanding people. No better proof can be had than when a drink…

September 21, 2015
1Alli Jess feat

There’s not really too much I can say about this wedding that isn’t evident in the photos. It’s been on my radar for a long, long time. And it did…

September 15, 2015
feat Katie Corbin

One of the things I truly love about my job that makes most normal (yes, I understand I’m not normal) people crazy is that weddings can be, and usually are,…

August 20, 2015
feat Jana Ethan web

I first met Jana & Ethan at Ethan’s sister’s wedding a while back so I was pumped to when Ethan & Jana asked me to photograph theirs as well. It’s…

August 11, 2015
1Liz Daniel feat

I’m excited to share Liz & Daniel’s wedding that took place in the hot heat of summer at The Mountain Lodge north of Spokane! It was an intimate wedding where…

July 29, 2015