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Excited to finally be able to share photos from Sarah & Keith’s wedding at Spokane’s great Glover Mansion! The day started at Salon Sapphire before we ran across the street so Sarah could pick up her dress at Marcella’s Bridal before heading up to the mansion. Unfortunately Keith was pretty sick and his energy was sapped but since he made the decision to have a great wedding day, a great wedding day he had. I always find it impressive at how attitude and desire make a huge difference in enjoying parts of life that might not go the exact way you want.

It’s almost like a pattern, that couples who are surrounded by friends and family on their wedding day, make for some sweet moments that are a joy to capture. Plus, having a couple who want to make great photos makes a nice team and really pushes me to create great photos for them. The Glover Mansion is a great venue, not just because of the historic beauty that surrounds you, but the beautiful places surrounding the Glover Mansion, like Manito Park & Cliff Drive. Even with storms showing up just in time for the ceremony, it was just a perfect day.

One of the things I truly love about my job is being there for the unexpected things that happen on a wedding day. I always say it’s a live animal. You can guide it, but at some point you just have to let it go and see where it ends up. Every single time a wedding day’s not gone according to plan, it’s been a better, more unique experience that makes that day the couples’ own, and different from any other. Often, I’ll joke that after 200 weddings, give or take, that I’ve seen just about everything that could happen. That really isn’t the case.

Another thing I really am fascinated about is the ability for people to push beyond things they are unhappy about to find a way to make the proverbial lemonade out of the lemons they’re dealt. It’s a gift some people really have.

On this day, a broken foot early on in the day threw a big wrench into the day’s plans. After a little time gathering herself and getting it wrapped up, the show went on for Ayla & Joe. Not only did it not make a big impact on the day’s events, I’d say that it made for some truly special and unique moments. I’d imagine just about every bride would be ok with her groom surprising her and carrying her back down the aisle at the end of the ceremony. I dare you to look at their faces as Joe carries Ayla down the aisle and not see the pure joy that is not only not impacted, but truly enhanced the emotion of the moment.

What an amazing day to be a part of at Manito Park & The Glover Mansion.