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excited to share this amazing wedding! Amanda & Dan are two amazing and brilliant people who were married at the justifiably world-famous The Edgewater Hotel in Seattle. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day! We even made a trip around Seattle to visited Pike Place Marked and the Seattle Sculpture Park. It’s always so fun to see the reactions that the public have to seeing a bride and groom walk around in places like downtown Seattle. I enjoy it because I know what the reaction will be, but it’s always shocking to the bride and groom to see the masses of waving, clapping people and hear the horns honking along with the cheers of support and well wishes. If you ever want to feel like a celebrity for a day, put on some wedding clothes and walk around in public for a while.

The day was perfect, but so was the night. Much of that was due to Amanda & Dan’s wedding guests having a great time, but most of the credit goes to Darmeny & his team at Sounds Unlimited! The dance floor was packed the entire night and nothing but smiles and happiness could be found.

Just look at the photos. They’ll show you.


Happy to share this wedding and some of the beautiful photos from the day! Nick & Heidie had an intimate wedding and reception at Luna Restaurant in Spokane. So many happy tears and so much laughter were seen and heard throughout the day.  The atmosphere of the day was relaxed and as enjoyable as could be and Luna was a perfect host for that kind of celebration!