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Time for another wedding day post! This time it’s Caitlin & Steven’s wedding day at Beacon Hill in Spokane! Other than it being a blazing hot day in the sun, there wasn’t anything that could have gone better on their relaxed and fun day! Family and really close friends all gathered together always makes for a great time for a photographer, but when it’s punctuated by a beautiful wedding and a good party, there’s almost nothing better—especially when grandpa steals the dance floor with grandma (and whoever else is up for a dance)!

I’m not exactly sure what to say here that could do justice to the event that was Yashma & Wade’s wedding at Spokane’s Davenport Hotel! One of my favorite parts of photographing weddings is the way I get to witness how different cultures celebrate marriage. In that case this was a very unique day with a beautiful mixture of Hindu & Christian traditions that really showed the mixture that took place with these two amazing families. Add to that the incredible amount of fun and celebration that took place, and it’s basically a photographer’s dream.

Many thanks to the team who worked so hard to make this day such a magic one. The biggest kudos goes to Robyn & her team at Red Letter Event Planning. Design Events handled much of the design of the wedding and Gloss Makeup Artistry was responsible for the makeup while Lindsey D Hair Design had the hair taken care of.  Angela Austin Floral Design took care of the amazing floral details. I’m sure I’m missing some people who really contributed, so feel free to let me know and I’ll get you added to this list. It was truly a team effort with everyone involved!