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Non-photo update: Just got power back this morning since the windstorm last week. Still no internet, unfortunately. So everything involving posting, emailing, etc. from Matt Shumate Photography is severely limited. Hope to be back at 100% soon!

I’m so excited to share photos from Carrie & Derek’s wedding at Pine River Ranch in Leavenworth, WA. Since the first wedding I photographed there, it’s been one of my very favorite venues. Every time I feel like there’s so much to explore and as the seasons change, it shines in so many different ways. So, of course I was thrilled when Carrie & Derek told me that they were getting married at the wonderful mountain barn with its fantastic staff and kind owners.

It didn’t disappoint. It was just as magnificent as it’s ever been. The light cloud cover gave us even more opportunities for great photos than I think I’ve ever had while I was there. The entire wedding day was just as relaxed as you’d hope a barn nestled along a river in the mountains would be. I feel like these photos really show that fact well.

It was a treat to get to know this couple’s friends and family as they all celebrated two people who really are just tremendous together and are as kind as any two people couple be.

Non-wedding update: With the crazy windstorms that hit Spokane this week, we’ve been without power so I’ve been trying to find power and internet wherever I can so I can work on photos. Unfortunately this is the worst time of year for that to happen as the heavy number of fall weddings are just waiting to be edited. Just like Dory from Finding Nemo, my constant thoughts are ‘just keep swimming.’

Growing up in Washington, there were many summer days where the weather was so warm we journeyed to the coast only to find the weather less than appealing. A sunny 85 degrees in Puget Sound usually meant 50 degrees, clouds, & wind on the coast.

So imagine my surprise when Asia & Travis’ wedding day ended up being sunnier than any Pacific Northwest beach day I’ve ever seen. And it couldn’t have been a more perfect spot for a destination wedding.

It was a very small ceremony where the couple was surrounded by immediate family and a couple very close friends. Since weddings are all about relationships, it was like a more concentrated wedding experience. I think it’s the most laid back and relaxed I’ve ever seen a couple. I’d think that the setting had something to do with that. I mean, ocean waves crashing on the beach are a setting in machines to help people relax. The nautical and water theme in the details were a nice touch as well.

The Kalaloch Lodge was a perfect setting. The cozy cabins that completely remove all the normal distrations of everyday life helped everyone really focus on the happy couple and just enjoy the beauty of nature.