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So excited to share some photos that tell the story of Melissa & Justin’s wedding day at the incredible property and area surrounding The Golf Club At Black Rock on Lake Coeur d’Alene in northern Idaho! Super cool waterfalls, the greatest men’s dressing room in the world, a fantastic rustic barn, and finally a dance routine by Melissa & Justin to entertain everyone!

Such a fantastic day and for me it was a treat to be at this wedding because there were so many other couples there whose weddings I’d previously photographed! That’s what happens when I get to photograph so many amazing couples. Amazing people tend to hang out with other amazing people!

I can’t wait to get back to Black Rock again. There are so many photographic opportunities, that one or two weddings won’t give me enough time to even scratch the surface.

Weddings are pretty powerful events. As a perfect example of this, I present Karina & Travis’ wedding on Lake Coeur d’Alene. Karina grew up in Mexico and this was her parents’ first visit to the United States. Watching this day unfold, one would have thought that the bride and groom’s parents had been friends for years and this was a marriage set up from the beginning. But that’s what happens at weddings. Two families share the same exact goals for their children in their new venture. That shared vision translates into some great moments as two families essentially become one in what seems like a snap of the fingers. It’s a joy for me to capture that so often.

It doesn’t get much better than being surrounded by the beauty of Northern Idaho and Lake Coeur d’Alene either. The lake was so magical for photos that I popped in to my swim trunks and waded out to my chest to make sure to get the most perfect portraits I could. It seems like no matter where I’m shooting, the best photo is just a little farther than I can reach with my feet and hands. So I’ve started to incorporate that old Boy Scouts motto, “Be prepared.” In this case, it was being prepared with my swim gear and a towel. Maybe next time I’ll have a paddle board to even venture out further. One thing’s for sure. NOBODY has these wedding portraits.

Great moments of love, some amazing people, and cool unique portraits. My recipe for success.