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This are is very lucky because we have so many amazing wedding venues, but it’s always a little more special when a couple gets to have their wedding on a property that they’ve had for generations and have held closely in their heart throughout their lives. This was the case with Courtney & Alex’s wedding which was held at Courtney’s family cabin on Priest Lake. A place that has been a treasured part of Courtney’s family’s memories added a new memory when family and some close friends from all over the country gathered in northern Idaho to spend time celebrating the couple.

The day itself could not have been more beautiful. Just days before the wedding I made the trip to the cabin to take a few photos and see the property and it was HOT—like, you don’t want to stand outside for more than a few minutes, hot. The wedding day, however, was unbelievably pleasant. Which just added to the beautiful scenery, wonderful feelings, and amazing people that were there for the day. See for yourself!

I always love a backyard wedding. I especially love it when it’s the home of the bride or groom. Something about that makes it a little extra special and seems to play the role of a VIP wedding guest as it seems to heighten emotions a little bit. It’s also a plus when it’s an extraordinarily beautiful property overlooking the Spokane River canyon. You’d never know that it was one of the most annoyingly windy days we’ve had since last winter’s storms.

Being able to capture Nichole & Steven’s wedding day was fantastic for me because they’re two very dynamic people, but the love that their friends and family have for them is so abundant, that it makes my job a little easier. Add to that one of the prettiest dogs I’ve seen, some lovely details, and a fantastic party and I ask how could the photos not be this special.