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Oct 23, 2017
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It’s always a special treat to head back home to Tacoma to photograph a wedding and that’s extra special when I’m photographing two people that are truly remarkable. A huge part of that is the families that they’re surrounded by. I’ve been blessed to know Rachiah’s family since her niece and my daughter were classmates in elementary school. Her parents are two of my favorite people in the world and any chance I get to see them is definitely a highlight. Add to that the opportunity to hang out with them an entire day and celebrate their daughter’s wedding and that’s almost too much greatness to handle.

And when you add Rachiah & John’s little baby girl to the wedding day, it goes beyond how perfect a day should be allowed to be. I didn’t get many smiles from her, but I was very happy to get a tongue stuck out at me and lots of adorable pouting frowns.

The wedding was held at Tacoma Country & Golf Club in Lakewood, WA on the edge of American Lake.