I make art for people while I tell their love stories. I'm fascinated with creating unique and artistic portraits that will be treasured for generations. Portrait & Wedding photography Spokane-based but available world wide.

Spokane has some amazing wedding venues no matter what you’re looking for. Mountains, vistas, lakes, rivers, fields, barns, hotels, churches, mansions are all fantastic choices. There’s one that stands out to me though, and it’s not because the others are lesser, but because it’s a venue that is unlike any other venue outside of the worlds biggest cities. It’s also a venue that I’ve been able to enjoy as a music patron to watch my daughter play cello as well as watching other various concerts. As I listen to the live music my eye wanders around this beautifully historic art deco theater and building in awe of its beauty (it wasn’t always that way. Check out this documentary about its history and restoration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKvFu78fUeo).

Because of this, I always consider it a great honor to be at the Fox Theater to make photos. I always worry about doing the beauty of the venue justice. Then when you add a couple like Eldaah & David with their friends and family, this amazing place is transformed in to a perfection. So many laughs, smiles, tears, and hugs were shared in celebration of two incredibly smart, beautiful, and gracious people.