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One of the things I enjoy most about my job is that the people I get to work with are just about as happy as anyone can be. Yet, once in a while, a bride and groom are so happy that it’s not possible to look through the photos and end up with a mouth that’s sore from smiling so much. That’s the case with me the entire time I’ve been working on Courtney & Coubi’s wedding photos. I’m trying to force myself not to smile and I just can’t do it. I figured I’d just give in, smile, then deal with the sore cheek consequences later.

If smiles are contagious and addictive, this blog post might need a surgeon general’s warning.

They started by getting ready at the new Davenport Grand Hotel, which is such a fantastic place to photograph. Lots of colors and great modern architectural elements. The ceremony and reception took place in a spot that is about as opposite as it gets from the ultra modern Grand, Chateau Rive, but like it’s modern counterpart, it’s also a fantastic photographic location because it’s got so much texture and many rustic architectural elements.

Who cares about a little rain when everything else is so perfect.