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Excited to share these photos from a wedding that was full of laughs from the first photo to the last. It’s always great to be up at Priest Lake at Elkins Resort! People are always so relaxed because they’ve had a little time to spend away from everything and just enjoy each other up in  the wilderness of northern Idaho. Not only that, but the scenery is perfection, no matter the time of year or weather that decides to show up that day.

As much as I enjoy it, this place is even more special to Meaghan and Dan who have spent so much time there and especially Meaghan who has many early family memories from visiting the lake. It’s almost like the resort and lake were a VIP guest at their wedding.

When I think about that, I’m really thrilled that the surroundings make such a large impact in these photos, because it’s just one more really important experience that makes the best memories.