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Man am I pumped to share photos from Erin & Mike’s wedding. First, it’s full of cool pictures. But those photos come from being in an amazing place and getting to work with some tremendous people. The place in question is Elkins Resort on Priest Lake. Truly an incredible place. I’ve been there several times and it’s never gotten to a point where I’m unable to find new, rad ways to photograph it. It’s a one of a kind place. It would have to be to get people to drive to the middle of nowhere in northern Idaho. Fortunately, it’s packed with cabins so when people get married there, they usually spend more than a couple of days camping with lots of friends and family. So by the time I get there on the wedding day, everyone is relaxed and thoroughly enjoying all that the location has to offer. That makes the long drive well worth it for everyone involved. The location is so desirable that they can’t have weddings there in the middle of summer because the resort is completely booked months/years in advance for individuals who wish to stay there.

I also mentioned the people. I get to work with amazing couples. Still, in nearly 250 weddings I have yet to have a bridezilla. Maybe I’m lucky. Maybe I’m a good bride-trainer. I don’t exactly know. But the people who hire me are awesome (and not in the humble-brag way that them hiring me makes them awesome, they’re well and fully awesome long before I get to them). But one of the best parts of my job is getting to meet the friends and family of the couples I get to photograph. This was one of those weddings where instantly I felt like one of the club there to celebrate Mike & Erin. I just happened to have a camera to document it.