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4th time’s the charm. I’ve shot several weddings at the lovely Beacon Hill, but it wasn’t until this last one that I got a truly stunning sunset. Finally. The day began with Patsy getting beautified by Shasta Hankins & the beauty continued throughout the entire day. The weather played nicely with us & the event—from the beginning to the end was a blast for everyone involved. I think you’ll see that.

Spokane Wedding photographer matt shumate photography "Beacon Hill"

"Beacon Hill" wedding cake gown

"Beacon Hill" wedding rings red velvet

"Beacon Hill" wedding gown "shasta Hankins" makeup

"Beacon Hill" wedding bride makeup reflection creative

"Beacon Hill" wedding mother bride happy moment photojournalism

"Beacon Hill" wedding bride happy moment photojournalist

"Beacon Hill" wedding mother bride happy moment gown

"Beacon Hill" wedding bride photojournalist

reflection bride dressing gown wedding "beacon Hill"

bridal portrait beautiful makeup "shasta Hankins" headshot

"beacon hill" wedding groom mom photojournalist

groomsmen "beacon hill" wedding groom laughing

"beacon hill" wedding groom bride "first look" moment

"beacon hill" wedding groom bride "first look" moment romantic

"beacon hill" wedding groom bride photojournalist funny

bride gown detail ladybug "good luck"

photojournalism bride groom limousine

wedding baby twins photo photojournalist

moment bride bridesmaid anticipation wedding excited photojournalist

wedding ceremony bride father "45mm pc-e" nikon processional groom

wedding ceremony sigma "12-24mm" "wide angle" church

wedding ceremony bride groom moment photojournalist "nikon 135mm"

wedding ceremony sigma "24-70mm" nikon "first kiss" "wide angle" church

wedding ceremony bride groom "just married" processional

creative wedding photography photos bride reflection roof

"beacon hill" wedding portraits bride groom kiss romantic sweet

"beacon hill" wedding portraits party

wedding party spokane bridesmaids groomsmen "stone bridge"

Bet you’ve never seen a wedding party photo like this one…

amazing wedding party photo kissing bridesmaids groomsmen portrait

bridesmaids groomsmen portraits bride groom

"beacon hill" wedding reception announce bride groom cheering celebration

"beacon hill" wedding portrait bride groom sunset strobist

"beacon hill" wedding portrait bride groom sunset "natural light"

"beacon hill" wedding portrait bride groom sunset strobist romantic kiss

"beacon hill" wedding night reception

"first dance" "beacon hill" bride groom

"first dance" "beacon hill" bride groom father mother

funny groom beer smiling happy

"beacon hill" wedding reception party dancing fun happy

"last dance" "beacon hill" bride groom reception blurry lights romantic

Ok, just like the scenes added to movies after the credits, I really felt like this photo had to be here, but it didn’t work with the rest of the story. I crack up at it every time I see it. The look on Kevin’s face is priceless.

LOL funny wedding photo pictures sunset strobist bride groom

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  • Bethany Chamberlin

    Beautiful!!! Those sunset shots are just gorgeous! And the last one is awesome. ;)