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Sometimes the light is ‘good enough.’ Sometimes it’s decent. Sometimes it’s terrible—which means I’m using my own lighting. In all of those situations, I’m limited by the light in some way.

And sometimes it’s ridiculously amazing. Case in point, Rachiah & Andy’s ‘save the date’ photos. It seemed like no matter where I turned my camera, the light was perfect. Take a look for yourself.

It doesn’t hurt that Rachiah & Andy are so sweet together & didn’t stop smiling at each other the entire time. Basically, this was about the easiest time I’ve ever had taking pictures.

Just had to add, just like usual, I didn’t use ANY Photoshop in editing these photos.

These next 2 photos are an example of what perfect light is capable of. I’ve seen photographers use all kinds of Photoshop tricks to make eyes & skin look this amazing. Perfectly soft skin & eyes that explode off the page—all done in camera. Believe me, you can ask Andy & Rachiah, it stopped me mid shoot to focus on Rachiah’s beautiful eyes.

Facebook comments:

  • jill

    Beautiful lighting! Do you use film also? Old world art there! Got to tell you though, I use Lightroom and LOVE it~ And I know exactly where this location is~ I have driven by it a million times thinking what a great area for sessions, but am too scared to get out of my car! Great job!

  • I don’t shoot film. These were all shot with my D3. I swear by Lightroom. I use it for global adjustments. I put it on par with the development process in my old film days. I see Photoshop as more of an airbrushing comparison. I see it used way too much to brighten eyes & soften skin to the point that it looks fake. The point is if the photo’s exposed & ‘developed’ properly, there’s no need to resort to Photoshop for tricks.

    Being scared to get out of your car there isn’t a bad call. I’ve seen a few nefarious characters there.

  • jill

    Thanks Matt, I would love a D3! I agree with the Photoshop issue, I bought Portrait Professional at one point thinking that it would be quicker than Photoshop, and it was….but just as fakey. Nice lighting and a great lens is all you need. I look forward to all of your posts, thanks for sharing~and I still don’t think I will explore this location at any great length without a weapon, however I was so excited to see what it actually looked like from your shots! Beautiful~