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I’m going to make a confession.

Naomi & Sean are the first & only couple I’ve been intimidated by. Several reasons. We met at the January bridal show where Naomi booked me on the spot. I tried suggesting maybe we schedule a time for later. No go. She didn’t want me to forget about her & book her date (I was & still am incredibly flattered). Sean was the first/only person to read my contract with serious intent. I inquired. The answer, “He’s an attorney.” “Of course,” I thought. They’re both successful people & carry themselves as such. She let me know she had 2 boys that needed to be a huge part of their day & the photos would have to reflect that. Then when I asked Sean, on a scale of 1–10, what the odds were of Naomi turning in to a bridezilla, his answer was really close to 10 (he later contacted me to let me know the # was much, much lower after Naomi told him how bad a bridezilla could be).

I’m an idiot sometimes.

This is a reason why I make a huge deal out of engagement sessions. I played it cool for theirs, but inside I was pretty concerned. Instantly at their engagement session, I could tell Sean & Naomi were 2 of the sweetest people in the world and my trepidations were without merit. Like I said, I’m an idiot sometimes. I had an absolute blast at their engagement session & knew their wedding day would be no different. I was right. Sean is always looking to get a laugh. Naomi is always looking for a reason to laugh (Case in point, Sean bribed the DJ to start off the first dance with a certain Guns n Roses song, Naomi’s reaction is in the photos below). Perfect match.

Their wedding day was outstanding. I love being able to tell a story with my photos. It was all to easy with their wedding. I was able to capture so many natural, sweet moments & I think that’s what photographing weddings should be about. That, & getting some creative, butt-kickin’ photos that make it unique to them. The location, The Hayden Lake Country Club, helped with that as well. It was a gorgeous venue.

Thank you Naomi & Sean for trusting me with your day. Thanks also for being such great people.

Shout out to Eric Strate for helping out for the day.

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