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Well, I’m finally back online albeit in a slightly different way.

Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes

The online home for my work prior to this new venture was at mattshu.com. The problem is my hosting company disappeared and took my website and domain with it after attempting to double & triple charge me (I did some research and I’m reasonably sure the hosting company was run by a couple of losers from their parents basement in Florida—never use dts-net).

I waited so long to redo my website because of a couple of reasons. First, it was always just lower on my list than something more pressing (paying). Second, I wanted to do it right—and the right way is never an easy solution.

I think I’ve got it figured out now. My online presence will consist of three parts. These 3 distinct pieces will all link from mattshumate.com (coming soon, very soon).

You’re here so obviously you know the blog can be found at blog.mattshumate.com. This is where I’ll post updates to my other websites, things that interest me in the world of graphic design and photography, my works in-progress, photo retouching befores & afters, and things of the sort. Who knows, there might even be a few music posts thrown in for good measure.

design.mattshumate.com will be my online portfolio for my graphic design work. Web design, print design, typography, logo & identity design, calendars, & downloads will be featured here. In general it will be an updated version of mattshu.com (may it RIP) that is focused on finding design solutions to design problems.

This website will be found at photo.mattshumate.com. Similar to the design website, it will contain my photography portfolio. My guess is this website will change fairly frequently as my portfolio grows. Just expect to see some beautiful and visually interesting photos.

I’m very excited to finally launch the first of the 3 websites (plus the homepage)! The others should come about very shortly. Look forward to future announcements and click on the “subscribe RSS” button at the bottom of the page (then add that page to your favorites) to be notified of any updates to this site.